Updated 04/12/11

We were delighted to hear during July and August 2010 that our four grant applications totalling £38,315 for capital works at KSE had been approved.

We are most grateful to the following organisations for their most generous financial support:

Cumbria County Council 'Community Regeneration Fund': £15,000

Cumbria Waste Management Environment Trust (CWMET) 'Cumbria Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund': £15,000

CWMET 'Landfill Tax Grant Scheme': £5,000

Cumbria Community Foundation 'Grassroots Grants': £3,315

In addition, we would also like to express a big 'thank-you' to (i) our architect, Bob O'Neil, of O'Neil & Petrie in Kendal who prepared all the plans free of charge, (ii) engineer, Ian Walton, who undertook all the structural calculations free of charge and (iii) the numerous organisations who most kindly provided letters of support to accompany the applications.

The monies will be used to

(i) fit a new 'concertina style' door at the western end of the 'Darlington' trainshed which complies with all HMRI clearance regulations and will allow when open, for the first time in the preservation era, the trainshed to be viewed as it was when the line was operational. 

(ii) repair the timbers and re-glaze the gable end at the western end of the 'Darlington' trainshed - thus returning it to the correct appearance.

(iii) extend the platform at the western end of the 'Darlington' trainshed by approx. 155 ft at the request of HMRI.

In addition, the 'modern' workshop added at the western end of the 'Tebay / Penrith' trainshed will be dismantled and the trackwell excavated. Track will be laid into the trainshed and rolling stock placed inside. The material from this work will be used as 'infill' for the platform extension.

The album below contains photos of the work in progress.


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