Updated 19/10/11

On Wednesday 9th September 2009, a preliminary examination by our Boiler Inspector concluded that, subject to a further internal examination of the boiler barrel and other areas not currently accessible once all the tubes have been removed, the only major work required will be to retube the boiler. As a result, work has now commenced with a view to undertaking the necessary repairs to return the locomotive to traffic. We hope to include regular updates and photos as the work progresses.

Update 28/07/11

We are very pleased to announce that yesterday afternoon, the loco passed its formal steam test in the presence of the Allianz Bolier Inspector. Other than some pipework on the vacuum ejector and a few other very small jobs, the engine is now ready to haul passenger trains once more. After the inspection, we took the opportunity to make several runs up to Eden Valley Bridge No.3 to ensure that everything was as it should be - this was another milestone for the project as it represented the first occasion that a steam loco had run beyond the Junction'box and over Bridge No. 2 for some approx. 45 years. A selection of photos (courtesy of David Rayner & Dave Burrows) have been added to the album below.

Update 10/0711

At last, the day we have been working towards for the last 2 years arrived. With the loco finally back in one piece, she was lit-up yesterday afternoon and finally brought up to full working pressure some 19 hours later after slowly warming through overnight. Other than a blown water gauge packing, broken whistle chain and a vacuum ejector which, for some reason, refused to work, there were no major problems. After some further attention, we hope to be able to arrange a formal steam test in the presence of the Boiler Inspector shortly - a couple of photos have been added to the album below. 

Update 19/04/11

With the work now finished on the gable end and new door, and the scaffolding removed so that we can take the locomotive outside, work has started once more on the overhaul of 2084. The cladding sheets have been fitted and yesterday (18th) saw another major milestone in the overhaul with the re-fitting of the cab and saddletank - a photo has been added to the album below. We can now concentrate on replacing all the fittings and look forward to seeing the engine in steam once more in the not too distant future.

Update 15/11/10

In the past month, work has been proceeding steadily with all the cladding sheets receiving a coat of primer, undercoat and gloss on the inside face in preparation for their re-fitting to the loco. On Saturday (13th), new lagging was fitted to the boiler / firebox assembly. A photo has been added to the album below.

Update 01/10/10

Today the boiler passed its formal hydraulic test at 260psi in the presence of the Boiler Inspector who informed us that he is now happy for re-assembly of the loco to take place with a formal steam test to be undertaken once this has been completed. This afternoon, the boiler was completely drained for the winter and all blanking plates were removed. A couple of photos of the test have been added to the album below.

Update 16.09.10

Graham and Jonathon have been at KSE again the last 2 days (15th / 16th). We now have all the tubes at the firebox end expanded and beaded. In addition, all the remaining washout / fusible plugs and blanking plates have been fitted - a couple of photos have been added to the album below. The boiler is now completely full of water awaiting a preliminary hydraulic test which we hope to undertake next week. 

Update 13.09.10

Wednesday / Thursday (8th / 9th), Graham and Jonathon from West Coast Railways were on site and all the tubes have been expanded at the firebox end. Work has also started to 'bead over' the tubes and we hope to complete this during the coming week - a photo has been added to the album below. Over the weekend (11th / 12th), the boiler barrel has been given a coat of heat-resistant aluminium paint and work has begun to prepare the cladding sheets for re-fitting once the necessary hydraulic / steam tests have taken place.

Update 03.09.10

Wednesday / Thursday (1st / 2nd), Graham and Vic from West Coast Railways at Carnforth were on site and we spent both days expanding the new tubes at the smokebox end. This part of the job has been finished and next week we hope to do the same at the firebox end and start 'beading over' the tubes. A photo has been added to the album below.

Update 23.08.10

Last Wednesday (18th) saw the new set of tubes arrive on site and, by lunchtime on Sunday, all 150 were in the boiler barrel awaiting expanding etc. The afternoon saw all the mudhole doors re-fitted in readiness for the day we are able to fill the boiler with water once more. A photo has been added to the album below.

Update 15.07.10

Yesterday (14th), the Boiler Inspector undertook the formal 10-yearly internal examination of the Boiler / Firebox assembly. We are very pleased to report that he confirmed it to be in excellent condition with no repairs required other than the fitting of a new set of tubes. These should be on site within the next 7-10 days and work will then start on retubing the boiler.

Update 05.07.10

On Saturday (3rd), all the remaining cladding and lagging were removed from the boiler and firebox assembly. We now await the visit of the Boiler Inspector to undertake the formal examination.

Update 28.06.10

Yesterday (27th) saw all the boiler bands removed and a good start made on removing the cladding and lagging. A photo has been added to the album below.

Update 25.06.10

Today (25th) we had a crane on site to remove the saddletank and cab. Once the loco was back inside the station, work began to remove the boiler bands so that we can get at the cladding and lagging underneath. This will be removed within the next couple of weeks so that our Boiler Inspector can undertake a full examination before hopefully giving us the okay to fit the new set of tubes. A couple of photos have been added to the album below.

Update 24.05.10

Yesterday (23rd), all the holes in both the firebox and smokebox tubeplates were cleaned. We are now essentially ready to lift both the cab and tank - this will most likely take place in approx. one month's time when we have the space available following both the Model Railway Show and Steam Gathering. A new set of boiler tubes were ordered last week and they are due on site mid / late July.

Update 17.05.10

Yesterday (16th) saw all the debris in the boiler barrel and foundation ring removed with a compressed air line - a photo has been added to the album below. We hope to start cleaning the tube holes next weekend.

Update 19.04.10

Sunday afternoon (18th) saw all the remaining tubes removed. The next jobs are to clean the tube holes, remove any debris from the barrel, lift the cab and tank and finally take off the cladding / lagging. The boiler / firebox assembly will then be ready for formal examination. A photo has been added to the album below.

Update 07.03.10

Yesterday (6th), another 24 tubes were knocked out in approx. one and a half hours - 112 out and 38 to go! 

Update 01.03.10

Yesterday afternoon (28th), we managed to find the time to remove another 23 tubes - over half are now out.

Update: 22.02.10

On Saturday afternoon (20th), we managed to get an hour or so in the firebox between other jobs - another 20 tubes knocked out.

Update: 08.02.10

At last we have been able to get back to 2084, even if it was just for a very brief spell on Saturday afternoon. Another 15 tubes were knocked out. Hopefully, we will now be able to start again in earnest if time and the weather allows.

Update: 03.12.09

All the remaining tubes in the smokebox have now been cut and are ready to be taken out. The regulator valve, its housing and operating rod have been removed, as has the stuffing box on the firebox backhead. Finally, the cab and saddletank (which has been cleaned out) are now ready to be lifted off the loco frames.

Update: 30.11.09

On Saturday (28th), we spent a couple of hours in the afternoon removing approx. the first 30 boiler tubes - a photo has been added to the album below. Work will continue as and when time (and the cumbrian weather!) allows. 

Update: 05.11.09

In the firebox, the brick arch has been taken out and all the tubes cut ready for removal. At the smokebox end, the blastpipe and associated fittings have been dismantled and two-thirds of the tubes cut - a couple of photos have been added to the album below. The next stage is to finish cutting the remaining tubes and remove them from the boiler barrel.

Update: 12.10.09

Many of the boiler and cab fittings have now been removed - a few photos have been added to the album below. Work continues when time allows - the next jobs are to prepare the cab / tank for lifting and to remove the brick arch / old tubes.

The album below illustrates some of the work undertaken on the boiler overhaul and the subsequent return to steam:

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