Updated 24/08/11

One publication unique to Stainmore Railway Company is a children's book called 'Bambles the Platelayer's Puppy' which is written and illlustrated by two of our volunteers, the late Richie Gregory and his wife Cath . It is a delightful tale based on life in the 1950's and the star is a black labrador puppy who comes to live with Sam Longworth and his family at Galesgap Station. It is aimed towards children aged 5 - 10 years, but is a wonderful tale for all ages. To order the book, please visit the SRC shop.


If you would like to purchase 'Kirkby Stephen East - A Station Remembered' by Keith Richardson, please also visit the SRC shop.This is the definitive book about the station and includes interviews with ex-railwaymen and extensive detail about the workings of the station. It has been reviewed by, amongst others, The Cumbrian Railways Association and 'Heritage Railway' magazine.

'Jack the Station Cat and the Midnight Mice' by one of our shareholders, the Rev. Alan Cliff, is an excellent story which features our station cat 'Rabbit' and is Alan's first publication in colour. The story is about the arrival of an old tram at Tail's End station and a concert that is held inside. Dame Nellie Buzzer, Dr Rebecca Rabbit and Tom the Sailor Cat head a list of celebrities plus special guests, the world famous Midnight Mice. This can be ordered through the 'Jack the Station Cat' Website


The first 500 copies of the KSE book were sold within 12 months and a reprint also sold out.

A third reprint is now available and, if you are interested in purchasing a copy, please contact the secretary.

Signed editions of Alan Cliff's books are available through our shop at KSE.

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